Great Pathfinder Wind is currently under construction. Commercial operations for the project are expected to begin this winter. The 225 MW facility will help support Meta’s operations in the region, including its data center campus approximately 40 miles away in Altoona, Iowa. Great Pathfinder Wind will help Meta continue supporting its global operations with 100% renewable energy. Transparency and integrity are the basis for Apex’s relationships with the local community and its Fortune 500 partners. Apex is proud to be a part of the Boone and Hamilton County locality for the long term and will continue to provide benefits to our neighbors and fellow community members. Keep checking this site for more information on events, community benefits, and activities in the coming years.

November Construction Update

Crews are hard at work at Great Pathfinder Wind! Initial substation energization is scheduled for December and project completion is expected early next year. Since the last update, all deliveries and offloading have been completed, and over 60% of the turbines have been erected.

October Construction Update

Great Pathfinder Wind is on track to begin operating this winter. Below are some highlights since our last update: Continue reading

Construction Update

Public road improvements continue, there may be a temporary increase in dust as the roads are cement stabilized and new rock is placed. Magnesium chloride will be used on critical areas to help reduce dust. Public road construction is scheduled to finish in July, with ongoing maintenance performed throughout the life of the construction period. Continue reading